Thomas Gorbach

2014 Thomas Gorbach with mixer control#1 | 64 channels | Copyright: Julia Tazreiter

What it means to me – Quotes

… as acousmatic composer

„I love to create sonic colors & time cuts, motion sound sculptures & sounding gestures from any timbral combination that open a never seen/heard world of expanding musical cognition.“

Four variations with ripped sounds 2014 revision 2019

Acousmograph with wavelet analysis, signal & symbols | Thomas Gorbach

Shots&Curls (2018/2019)

An approach to compose

Timecuts excerpt from Shots & Curls 2018/19 | 6:50 – 8:28 sec

Layered Spaces excerpt from Viola Sylvestris 2015| 8:18 – 10:02 sec

Carved Timbre excerpt from Inside Out in Lines & Curves 2017 | 10:22 – 12:30 sec

Nested Trajectories excerpt from Flashrust 2019 | 05:28 – 09:32 sec

… as interpreter of acousmatic music

„’Playing with the sound‘ means projecting spatial imagination responsible to the composer and to the listener to have an exciting ephemeral dynamic-motion sound sculpture concert.“

Vague Image 2011 | Composer Wen Bihe (CHN)
Acousmograph 2012 | Thomas Gorbach (A)

… as developer of the Vienna Acousmonium

„Supporting an instrument easy to play, capable to do variable spatial sound trajectories & circles in multi-layers, possible to create an experience of intimate passages – near to the ear and expanding it’s sound to the very edges of the concert hall.”

2019 Thomas Gorbach with mixer control #3 | 64 channels