The Project

"The Electroacoustic Project" was founded in January 2007 by Thomas Gorbach. It is Austria's only project that exclusively performs works stored on audio tape or hard discs. *
Through the possibility of sound storage and the location- and time-independent reproducibility of sounds, musical creation has fundamentally changed. Artistic ideas and technical possibilities fertilize each other, opening a wide field of tonal, compositional and performance-practical innovations.
With the founding of the Austrian loudspeaker orchestra, the EAP Acousmonium, the precondition for performing acousmatic works was created. The EAP Acousmonium consists of up to 30 loudspeakers of various design and quality that can fill a space with sound individually or in groups. Interpretation at the mixing console is a novel art that demands the precise knowledge of the works to be performed, as well as their genesis and currency. Moreover, the harmonization of spatial characteristics, loudspeaker characteristics and volume adjustment requires instinctive feeling and much experience.
The musical roots lie in the pioneering days of electronic music of the 1950s and 1960s. With EAP, the radical power of this time has been carried into the new millennium. Edgard Varèse was one of the first who recognized and utilized the possibilities and the musical-revolutionary potential of this music, followed by musique concrète, acousmatics, American "tape music" and the many lone fighters up to the present day.


* Except for the concerts of the PLAYING SPEAKERS LINE. Here, the EAP Acousmonium will be played by actively "operating" musicians.