A Project of IGNM-Austria in cooperation with
The Acousmatic Project & Alte Schmiede Wien

@ Multi-purpose space, academy of fine arts vienna
1060 lehárgasse 8



Friday 22 09 2017
18:30 studends concert of Bruckner University Linz featured by Volkmar Klien
19:30 Artist Talk Ake Parmerud Sweden
20:30 A composers portrait Ake Parmerud
21:30 works by Martina Claussen, Christoph Theiler, Bruno Strobl & Volkmar Klien

Saturday 23 09 2017
18:30 a performativ sound installation by Christoph Theiler & Renate Pittroff
19:30 Artist Talk Marc Kilchenmann Swiss
20:30 Concert with THE SWISS-AUSTRIAN CONNECTION of The International Collective for Improvisation & Conceptual Art with Acousmonium / Kilirlumb (Alex Riva, Dominik Blum, Marc Kilchenmann), Nina Polaschegg & Bruno Strobl, Martina Claussen & Thomas Gorbach

Sunday 24 09 2017
18:30 concert talk ‚Acousmatic Listening‘ by Thomas Gorbach
19:30 Artist Talk John Young UK
20:30 A composers portrait John Young
21:30 works by Horacio Viaggione & Ivo Malec played by Thomas Gorbach


events befor 20:30 – free entrance
concert tickets: festivalspass 24 EUR full price 14 reduced price 9





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