Festival Sounds Around Me
26.–29. September 2019

International Masterclasses, Symposium, Artist Talks and Festival


Ukrainian Institute, in partnership with the The Acousmatic Project (Vienna, Austria), announces a call for applications for international Masterclasses on electroacoustic and acousmatic composition which will be held in Vienna on 24-29 September 2019 as part of the annual Sounds Around Me Festival, organized by The Acousmatic Project.

The programme of the Masterclasses includes a series of workshops, individual classes, public lectures and concerts by four leading composers, involved as mentors: Annette Vande Gorne (Belgium), Thomas Gorbach (Austria), Jaime Reis (Portugal), and Alla Zagaykevych (Ukraine).

Masterclasses will result in a concert programme featuring works by mentors and students. The concerts will involve the acousmonium – a multichannel system that includes 40 speakers specially created by Thomas Gorbach, the founder of The Acousmatic Project, and his counterpart, Marco Schretter.
The project is aimed at creating a platform for systematic professional exchange between representatives of music sectors of Ukraine, Austria and other countries, establishing new contacts as well as presentations of music of Ukrainian composers on the modern acousmatic stage of Vienna.

The project is a part of the bilateral Cultural Year Austria-Ukraine 2019.

Mentors and thematic areas

Annette Vande Gorne

Writing acousmatic music on fixed media and multiphony

  • Mentor: Annette Vande Gorne, Belgium
  • Working languages*: French, English
  • The workshop’s topic: Energy models, techniques using montage, techniques combining sounds and transformation techniques, categories of space.
  • Artist Talk: Acousmatic music, historical continuity or split-up?

Annette Vande Gorne (born 1946, Charleroi, Belgium) is a Belgian composer of acousmatic music. She studied at the Paris Conservatory by Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel. She founded the Association de Musiques et Recherches and the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studios at Ohain, Belgium. Annette Vande Gorne also launched a series of concerts and an acousmatic festival called L’Espace du son in Brussels since 1984. Since 1986 she has taught at leading musical academies in Liège, Brussels and Mons, Belgium. In the Royal conservatory of Mons, she founded a electroacoustic section with 14 teachers.


Alla Zagaikevych

Electroacoustic compositions with musical instruments

  • Mentor: Alla Zagaykevych, Ukraine
  • Working languages*: French, Ukrainian, English
  • The workshop’s topic: Electroacoustic composition with instruments as an interactive process.
  • Artist Talk: Electroacoustic music in Ukraine.

Alla Zagaikevych (born 1966, in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian contemporary classical music composer, performance artist, cultural manager, musicologist. In 1995-1996 she attended annual course for composition and musical informatics at the Institut IRCAM (Paris).Since 1998 she is a lecturer at the Composition and Music Information Technologies’ Department of the Kyiv National Music Academy of Ukraine, where she founded the electroacoustic music studio. Alla Zagaykevych is an Artistic Director of international projects of electroacoustic music in Kyiv: “Electroacoustics” (since 2003), “EM-VISIA” (since 2005). Since 2010, she is the head of the Association of Electroacoustic Music at the National Composers` Union Organization of Ukraine.Musica Nova International Competition’s Winner (2011).


Jaime Reis

Mixed media electroacoustic music

  • Mentor: Jaime Reis, Portugal
  • Working languages*: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.
  • The workshop’s topic: Mixed music as an evolving dialogue.
  • Artist Talk: Mixed music in my musical practice: dialogues, ‚mikrophonie‘ and ’sound beams‘.

Jaime Reis (born 1983, Lisbon, Portugal) is a Portuguese composer. During his studying, attended seminars with Karlheinz Stockhausen and worked with Emmanuel Nunes. His music has been presented over more than 20 countries, both instrumental and electroacoustic. He has collaborated with institutions and ensembles such as IRCAM, KCMD, Musik Fabrik, ZKM, Aleph Guitar Quartet Musiques & Recherches. Since 2003 Jaime Reis is an artistic director of the DME Festival – Electroacoustic Music Days (having 60 editions). Now, he’s Professor in the Superior School of Applied Arts Castelo Branco, Portugal and in the Superior Music School of Lisbon. Director of art space “Lisboa Incomum”.


Thomas Gorbach

Spatialization – Ephemeral dynamic motion sound sculptures. Working with the acousmonium.

  • Mentor: Thomas Gorbach, Austria
  • Working language*: English, German, French
  • The workshop’s topic: Creating ephemeral dynamic motion sound sculptures with the Vienna Acousmonium.
  • Artist Talk: The development of the ephemer dynamic motion sound sculptures with the Vienna Acousmonium.

Thomas Gorbach (born 1966 in West Austria) is an Austrian composer of acousmatic music. He studied composition, conductor’s work and oboe in Switzerland.
In 1996 moved to Vienna to study Analysis, Interpretation, and Composition of Electroacoustic Music at the Electronic Music Department of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 2006 lectured in Electroacoustic Music at the Vienna University of Technology. In 2007, Thomas Gorbach started to build up Austria`s first acousmonium — The Vienna Acousmonium — with concert series specialized on Acousmatic Music. Thomas Gorbach is a winner of the first prize for the interpretation of Acousmatic Music at the Concours de Spatialisation 2012, Musiques & Recherches, Brussels.


Venues involved as partners

Academy of fine Arts Vienna
Lehárgasse 8 1060 Vienna

University of Music and Performing arts Vienna
Institut of electroacoustic music
Rinößlgasse 12 1050 Vienna

Klangraum Fröbelgasse
Fröbelgasse 30 1160 Vienna

Sechshauserstrasse 66 1150 Vienna

Alte Schmiede Kunstverein Wien
Schönlaterngasse 9 1010 Vienna

For inquiries, please send an email to programmes@ui.org.ua with the subject SoundsAroundMe.


Alte Schmiede /Stromschiene, Echoraum Vienna, Klangraum Fröbelgasse, University of Music and performing arts Vienna