The Vienna Acousmonium

An instrument to realize ephemeral dynamic-motion sound sculptures

Our fascinating journey in the realm of developing a multichannel sound systems began in 2010. The analysis of acousmatic oeuvres conceived music-space oriented ideas that were looking for an instrument to be realized. The imagination to spatialize ephemeral dynamic-motion sound sculptures was the starting point of technical issues for developing the Vienna Acousmonium.

The Acousmatic Project

An art association dedicated to acousmatic music

In 2007 this association has been found – starting with small concerts of 8 loudspeakers in a circle. Over the years it developed with two festivals per year, a special loudspeakers orchestra and a lot of cooperations with national and international associations and artists. The focus lies on elaborating a professional concert entity for artists in this genre and the resulting involvement of austrian composers to the international discours. Furthermore to communicate specific knowledge about acousmatic music, it’s repertoire and the analysis of this music to get conclusive answers for interpreting acousmatic oeuvres on the acousmonium. And finally to explore the possibilities of constructing a loudspeakers orchestra, an Acousmonium.

Experience The Acousmatic Project and the Vienna Acousmonium!

PDF-Book: The Vienna Acousmonium

Learn more about the Vienna Acousmonium, Acousmatic Music and Thomas Gorbach’s method of Interpreting Acousmatic Music: The Ephemeral Dynamic-Motion Sound Sculptures

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